What is the Toto Jackpot?

toto jackpot

Toto jackpot is an exciting lottery game where you get to win cash prizes every time you pick 6 numbers between one and 49. The winning numbers are drawn twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, and you are guaranteed a prize if at least 3 of your chosen numbers match the winning numbers in the draw.

Buying Toto Tickets

In Singapore, you can buy Toto tickets at many Singapore Pools outlets islandwide. You can also play Toto online, where you can win a cash prize if your chosen numbers match the winning Toto numbers.

The Toto jackpot prize is divided into ‘Groups’, and prizes are based on the number of Toto winners within each group. Toto winning payouts are also dependent on the bet type.

There are many special Toto draws and cascading draws throughout the year, which may result in higher Toto jackpot prizes. For example, during the Chinese New Year or other commemorative events, the Toto jackpot prize can be significantly larger than usual.

Group 1 – the Toto jackpot prize for this category is a fixed sum of S$1 million and will be shared equally by all the lucky Toto winners in the group.

If there is no Group 1 winner after the fourth consecutive Toto draw, all prize money from the fourth draw will be added to the prize money snowballed for the previous three draws, and a total amount of this prize money will be shared equally amongst the winning Toto entries in Group 1.

This can be a very tempting prospect to those who are new to Toto, but the best thing to do is to play responsibly. The natural law of true randomness dictates that the frequency of winning Toto numbers should be about the same for all individual 49 Toto numbers after several hundred or infinite Toto games are drawn.