What is the TOTO JACKPOT?

toto jackpot

To win the TOTO JACKPOT, you must select 6 numbers from 1 to 49. The winning numbers are drawn. One additional number is also drawn for a second chance. The prize amounts vary depending on the number of matching numbers. The top jackpot prize is $1 million, and each subsequent draw has a different amount of prize money. To find out if you’ve won, use the toto jackpot calculator. The calculator will also show you the jackpot’s top 20 prizes.

Toto was launched in 1968, when it had five winning numbers. Then in 1988, it was changed to six out of 42. The top prize was raised to S$300,000. Then, on May 19, 1986, the game was first offered online. Since the lottery was first launched, the game has had many changes. In 1968, the numbers were drawn in the 5/49 format. The format was changed again in 1998, and in 2014, the top prize was increased to six out of 49. In 2016, Toto became online.

TOTO is a lottery game in Singapore. It uses a 6/49 format, and players choose six numbers from one to 49. There are also special numbers known as bonus numbers. The jackpot is the biggest in Singapore. The Singapore Pool will extend its hours of operation to nine PM on 11 February 2022. The number of winning numbers may vary based on the amount of the ticket purchased. If you’re lucky enough to hit three of the six numbers drawn, you’ll receive a prize of up to $1 million.