Toto Lottery – A Better-Than-Fair Gamble

toto lottery

Toto lottery is a legal form of gambling which originated in Singapore and is the second most popular method of lottery play after 4-Digits. It is operated by Singapore Pools, the only lottery operator recognized by the government of Singapore.

To participate in the Game, a Participant may either purchase a ticket at any Outlet or place a Bet through the Account Betting System. Details of how to place a bet and buy a ticket are set out in the Toto Game Rules (Remote Betting) and Toto Game Rules (Outlet Betting).

The Toto Game is based on a Random Number Generator which selects six numbers from 1 to 49 in sets. These sets are then drawn in the draws and if any of these six numbers matches one of the digits purchased by the player, the prize is won.

TOTO is a better-than-fair gamble

If you want to win big prizes in Toto, you have to commit to participating in every draw over a long period of time. It is a commitment that will take up to a year, and short-term players will likely not be able to make it work.

A Monte Carlo simulation was carried out on 50 million TOTO games to determine the odds and probability for Ordinary bet, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4 bet types over a long run. The results suggest that a bettor has a 1-in-54 chance of winning any prize for an Ordinary bet, down to a 1-in-7 chance for System 12 bet over the long run.