Maryland Lottery and Casino Revenue – Fiscal Year 2019

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Lottery and Casino Revenue in Maryland: The past year was a record-breaking one for Maryland, thanks to lottery profits of $673.7 million and casino revenue of $832 million. The state’s six licensed casinos also contributed a record-breaking $108.9 million to the Education Trust Fund, according to the Agency’s fiscal year 2019 report.

Casinos are a better option than the lottery

Lotteries have huge odds against you and the more you play the more your long-term profit goes down. The house edge on most large lottery games is around 40 to 60%, making it almost impossible to break even if you play them long term.

Casinos offer a lower house edge and more games than the lottery, so you can try different strategies to find the ones that work best for you. This means you can reduce your risk significantly and win big!

Social interaction at the casino: Bingo, slot machines and table games provide opportunities for players to interact with others. Some players prefer to talk with other players while they are playing and this is what makes casinos so much more fun than picking up a lottery ticket.

More options to win: Jackpot slots and video poker have big progressive jackpots, while the lottery offers only a few. The odds of hitting a jackpot in a casino are over five times higher than in the lottery!

Regulatory Oversight: The Gaming Division oversees three units, each working to ensure that all of the State’s casinos are operating in compliance with state law. Those units are Casino Compliance, Casino Licensing and Investigations and Security.