Lottery of Indonesia

lottery of Indonesia

Throughout its history, lottery has been present in Indonesia. However, the government has imposed strict laws on the game. Gambling is illegal in the country and offenders can be sentenced to five years in prison. Besides, they can be fined. Those who are suspected of gambling are put under a serious investigation. In addition, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble.

The lottery in Indonesia is a socially oriented game. It is also a method of raising PON funds. Many Indonesians play the games for entertainment purposes. However, some gamblers use the games to make money. Gamblers are required to check the credibility of the website before they gamble.

Lottery was first introduced in Indonesia in the Dutch colonial era. However, it was not legalized until after independence. During that time, it was not an official name of the game. Rather, it was given the name Togel, which means dark. In the Dutch East Indies, the governor-general regulated the lottery game system as an entertainment service.

When Soekarno became the first president of Indonesia, he issued Presidential Decree No. 114 of 1965. The decree prohibited all forms of lottery gambling. It also served as the foundation for the modern lottery.

Soekarno’s decree came at a time when the government was trying to reorganize and reform the country’s government. The government was influenced by ultra religious people, who wanted to ban the lottery. During this period, rumors circulated that the lottery revenues were going to the president of Indonesia.