How to Win the Toto Jackpot

toto jackpot

If you’ve ever played the Toto lottery and dreamed of winning the multi-million dollar jackpot, you’ve probably wondered how you could win it. As of 14 Oct 2014, eight winning tickets were sold for the Feb. 11 Toto jackpot drawing. But before you go ahead and buy a ticket, let’s take a closer look at the rules and how to win a Toto jackpot. There’s a catch. If you win, you’ll be sharing the money with other lucky winners.

To win the TOTO jackpot, you have to match all six numbers drawn. Ticket prices are higher in system entries than ordinary ones, but you’ll get much better odds. You can even spend over S$900 on a single ticket. You’ll need to pick five numbers from a pool of nine, but the sixth number is considered the rolling ball and represents the remaining numbers in the number pool. You can also choose to purchase more than one ticket.

A Toto jackpot snowball is not possible beyond the fourth draw. The prize money from the previous three draws snowballed to 38%. After this fourth draw, the prize money is shared equally among all winning Toto entries. The probability of winning a jackpot is 1 in 40.4 million. And, if you play to win the jackpot, you will be assured of winning a cash prize if you match at least three numbers. That’s not a bad bet.