How to Win the Toto Jackpot

toto jackpot

Toto has a history that dates back to 1968. It started out as a game with five out of 49 numbers, but in 1988, it changed to six out of 42. The top prize was guaranteed to be S$300,000, and snowballing was added. In 1997, it changed to 6 out of 45, and then in October 2014, it went online. Now, Toto has six winning numbers and an additional number drawn at random.

Toto jackpots are often the result of un-won prizes from previous competitions. Despite this, they are not fixed in value. As a result, the prizes are subject to fluctuation. The payout percentage is also dependent on the income from the betting pool. It is also possible for multiple winners to share the jackpot. An earlier version of this article said that eight punters shared the $19.4 million jackpot. In actuality, the winner was only one of eight punters, with one iToto ticket.

The Toto jackpot prize money is divided into ‘Groups’. Groups one to four have a prize pool of S$500,000 each, and the prize money for Groups five to seven is fixed at S$10.5 million. Groups five to seven are a combination of Groups two and four, with Groups one and five containing no winners.